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1.What was the scariest moment/day of your life?
-alcohol poisoning. It was my sophomore year of my undergrad and my friends 21 bday and it ended up with me waking up in the hospitals with tubes and shit in me not knowing what happened.

2.Do you collect anything?
I used to collect the quarters with the states on the back, shells, shark teeth, feathers, clothes.. Now I don’t have the attention span to have collections. I just collect memories and experiences ;)

3.How was your day?
A roller coaster of emotions but it ended up alright!

4.When is your birthday and how old are you turning/did you turn this year? (happy late/early birthday!)
I am 22 and my bday is on sep 10 thanks :)

5.Are you in love?
Yes :-) and I AM Love

6.What are some of your pet peeves?
- facades, controlling ppl, ignorance without willingness to change, getting harassed in the street ugh so much Idkk where to begin

7.Who is someone that you would love to meet or see in person?
Gerard way!

8.What makes you feel alive?
Love music, learning, esp about something I love, like the brain! And helping others find themselves. That always helps me feel alive :)

9.One weird fact about yourself.
-my favorite snack is spicy boiled peanuts in a can..people from up north don’t know what they are and always think I’m nuts for eating them. Nuts.. I’m punny XD

10.Favorite work of literature or any of the other arts?
Harry potter is my fav book series haha. I read a lot tho and it’s hard to pick favorites. On a side note, my favorite Shakespeare play is Hamlet.. I can relate a lot to his existential crisis.

11. Favorite and least favorite word.

Favorite: “sketch” I use it all the time. Least: ” Israel”Ha ha ha


1. If you had an alternate ego, what would it be like?

2. If there was one thing you could freely do without ANY sort of consequence or anyone founding out, what would it be?

3. What’s one thing you’re trying to work on about yourself currently?

4. If you could live in any novel/movie story setting which one would it be and why?

5. What’s the weirdest food combo you like?

6. What is the most embarrassing childhood memory you can recount?

7. What’s one thing you wish you could learn?

8. What’s your favorite color, that is not included in the seven rainbow colors?

9. What makes you anxious?

10. What makes you feel confident?

11. What’s one thing you took from today’s experience being alive?

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All my life I’ve had people tell me;
“You’re 16. What do you know?
You don’t pay taxes.
You don’t pay bills or a mortgage.
You don’t worry about having a job.
You don’t have mouths to feed.”

You’re right.
I’m only 16.
But at the age of 13 I was already contemplating suicide.
At the age of 13 I was relentlessly told how ugly, fat, and untalented I was.
How I would never amount to anything.

At 15 I held a bottle of pills in my hands several times a week.
At 15 my parents fought so loudly the whole house would shake.
At 15 I started telling myself how fat and worthless I was.
At 15 I stopped eating for two months.

By the age of 16 my thighs were covered in battle scars.
At 16 I learned what it was like to pray every night that I wouldn’t wake up to see the sun.
At 16 I swallowed a bottle of pills and had my stomach pumped in the middle 3rd period.
At 16 I woke up in a hospital and crying and screaming because I wasn’t dead.
At 16 I was told my depression and anxiety were just cries for attention.
At 16 I learned what it was like to feel the rejection from the people who are supposed to love you unconditionally.
I learned what it was like to feel the love my parents used to have for me drain out of their eyes.

So I maybe 16 but I feel like I am a thousand years old. I have fought battles you cannot even begin to imagine.

I have endured years of relentless torment and taunts, and when I asked for help I was told I deserved it.

I may be 16 but I have endured more than you ever have in your 36 years of life.

So I may not have to pay taxes.
But at 16 I have anxiety attacks over the piles of homework I have to turn in the next day.

I may not have to worry about feeding my kids.
but even after 2 years of rehabilitation I still get depressed if I eat too much.

So you tell me;
“You’re 16. What do you know?”
And my answer will always be;
“Far too much”

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